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Interview Susan Bratton, the “Intimacy Wellness Expert.

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Author of 34 books, including Sexual Soulmates, Relationship Magic, Dirty Talk and How To Be Instantly Hotter & Sexier; publisher of titles such as the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection, The Passion Patch and Revive Her Drive; television celebrity; YouTube star; Instagram influencer; spokesperson and advocate for sexual wellness, passionate lovemaking and bedroom communication skills, Susan Bratton is a phenomenon in the world of pleasure and connection.
CEO and co-Founder of Personal Life Media, Inc. and The20, LLC., Susan launched the world’s first organic blood flow supplement for more pleasurable lovemaking called, FLOW. She also created a series of the world’s first daily vitamin-mineral complex with libido botanicals called DESIRE. This trio of libido vitamins includes DESIRE with Tribulus terrestris, DESIRE with Tongkat Ali and DESIRE with Fenugreek. All are designed for people across the gender spectrum.
With over 500 podcasts, speaking engagements, tv appearances, and radio shows under her belt, Susan is guaranteed to deliver a riveting experience for your followers.

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  • Sexual Soulmates Are Co-Created
  • The 5 Pillars of Passion
  • The Hormone Balancing Act
  • The Best Libido Supplements From The Botanical Bounty
  • The Orgasm Shot, The Priapus Shot: Using PRP and Stem Cells To Increase Sexual Joy
  • Reversing Hair Loss, Teeth Whitening and Skinspiration Protocols
  • Fixing Painful Sex: The Vaginal Biome, Laxity, Incontinence, and Lubrication
  • The Magic Pill Method For Talking About Sexual Issues Together
  • Tantric Sex Explained, Kama Sutra, and Sacred Sexuality
  • The Gut Microbiome’s Role in Libido and Sex Drive
  • Why Detoxing Makes You Horny
  • It’s Not Your Hormones: The Answers to Our Problems With Intimacy
  • How To Save Your Sex Life: The Primal Pact
  • Where I Went Wrong As A Wife and How I Saved My Marriage
  • Libido, Desire, and Arousal Are Totally Different (How To Feel All Three)
  • Seduction with Integrity In A Monogamous Relationship
  • Orgasmic Potential: The 15 Kinds of Male and Female Orgasm
  • Understanding Your Top Four Relationship Values
  • The Animal Kingdom Has The Answer To Your Sex Life Satisfaction
  • Orgasms Are A Learned Skill: Crossing the ‘Gasm
  • Sexual Biohacking in the 21st Century
  • How To Have The Highly-Functioning Genitals of a 30-Year Old When You’re 60
  • The 6 Essentials To Connected Sex
  • Vaginal Restoration Revealed (It’s Not What You Think!)
  • Penis Power: Reversing Erectile Dysfunction, Atrophy & “Shrinkage”
  • How To Give Her Penetration Orgasms From Intercourse
  • Stamina, Performance Anxiety, Premature Ejaculation, Delayed Ejaculation, Ejaculatory Choice and Male-Multiple Orgasm Explained
  • Pillow Talk, Dirty Talk, Sharing Frames, and Lover Worship
  • How To Be Instantly Hotter & Sexier In Bed
  • The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date: Creating The Loverspace
  • 7 Stimulating Sex Positions Plus, “Come Full Circle” The Double Helix Sex Position
  • Healthy Sex Toys for Couples (Plus Which Lube Goes Where?)
  • How To Choose A Sex Toy and How To Choose A Vibrator
  • My 15 Year Expanded Orgasm Practice
  • How To Ravish Her With Masculine Sexual Dominance
  • How To Take Charge and Blow His Mind In The Bedroom
  • How To Make Love To A Woman Versus A Man (Funny!)
  • How To Avoid STI’s and Still Have Lots of Great Sex
  • How To Set Sexual Agreements and the Benefits of Boundaries
  • The 4 Keys To Seduction

Mix, match, freestyle or just let it flow with the pro!


1 A Barbizon model, Susan used to do mannequin modeling in department stores to put herself through college. The perfect set up for today’s Instagram culture. Haha.
2 With a crazy good sniffer, her palate for placing wines from around the world just by smelling and tasting wins her bets at the dinner table.
3 Susan is a coral chaser… She got scuba certified last year and did nearly 30 dives her first year..
4 She has an intrinsic talent at scraping bubbling raclette off of a wheel of flaming cheese in mountain huts in the Black Forest of Germany.
5 Her vinaigrette salad dressing recipe is the stuff of legends. Tasty, healthy and touted as “The New Viagra,” because it replaces the bad fats in your cells with healthy Omega 3’s from avocado and extra virgin olive oil. Ask her for this super simple recipe.
6 She has a penchant for doing string bikini photo shoots in exotic locations worldwide from the Great Barrier Reef to the onsens of Japan. This came from her book, Twist Pic Techniques which teaches guys how to take sexy pics of their woman — one’s she’ll actually love!
7 She has been recognized a “Pioneer of Interactive Advertising” by AdAge, won the coveted DEMO God award, is a Silicon Valley Women of Business winner, ad:tech lifetime Achievement Award winner, co-founder of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and voted Most Iconoclastic in High School… her weirdness started early.
8 A multimillionaire at 37, she lost everything investing in her passion business, Personal Life Media. She went on to rebuild her business back again and is launching yet another company twenty years later called, The 20. The20 stands for the 20% of the effort that gets 80% of the results… based on The Pareto Principle. Ask her what they are creating. Ohhh!
9 Susan’s core expertise lies in the intersection between passionate lovemaking techniques and bedroom communication skills. She’s studied what makes intimacy truly passionate and surrendered and she boils down those skills to simple practices that anyone can do to have profoundly pleasurable results.
10 Susan and her husband, lovingly called ‘Sir Tim’ by all, have had an Expanded Orgasm clitoral stroking practice (otherwise known as orgasmic meditation or deliberate orgasm) for 15 years. They achieve altered states of sacred sexuality on a regular, weekly basis.

“I must say, you were the most delightful of all relationship experts I interviewed on my podcast.” 

Kim Von Berg

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