Double Banger Affiliate Contest

November 10th, 12:01 AM through november 27th, 11:59 PM (Eastern Time)

Hey, Hey, Partner!

We are in the second phase of our annual “Double Banger” contest now. The current mailing window is  November 10th-27th.

You can mail to 25 different offers and free gifts anytime you want within those windows.

There will be a total of $2,265 in cash prizes for leads on our Live Leaderboard paid out immediately after this second phase completes.

And We Have NEW And Top Selling Products That Will Be Part Of This Promotional Event Including:
Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection
Multi-Orgasmic Lover For Men
As always you make commissions on EVERYTHING in our catalog for as long as your lead is on our list.

And the funnels into which you send your leads are walled gardens. We never mail outside affiliate offers to your leads, only our own programs.

So send as many leads into the system as possible.

There are six NEW free gift funnels plus all of our top converting funnels based on traffic from the last three events including:

Note: These ARE NOT your unique affiliate links. They are just sample landing pages. You can get your own links from the link generator, or from us.

Did you notice the Dr. Joel Kaplan Penis Pumps in the products line up?

We’ve had fabulous success selling their medical quality pumps. We worked out a system where you can get commissions on sales of their pumps.

People love to buy physical goods. Men don’t trust that pumps work. But they hope it could be true. We assure them they do, because they do.

You send the leads into our system, they are lead-locked to you. If that person buys a pump, YOU get the commissions and we get a small override.

They are using the same affiliate software we do — Post Affiliate Pro. This has worked for us like a solid rock for over a decade. All of your RevShareNow affiliate ID’s are mirrored in their system. So when a customer that is your lead orders you will make commissions. They will be paid out to you.

You don’t have to mail to the pumps. We do that for you, just like we do the mailings to all of these offers. You just send the leads to the free gift funnels that fit your list best. The Pump Guide funnel does make an immediate offer to the Pumps. So if you have a men’s list, mail to the new Pump Guide.



We can tell you which funnels converted best for you in the past.

We can write custom swipes.

We can do a FB Live, give you social assets, do a webinar, podcast or YouTube live with you.
What do you need to promote hard during this Double Banger?

Let us know.

With Appreciation,
Aldie, Susan, Tim, and Team PLM